The Wörthersee is the largest lake in Carinthia, has drinking water quality and in summer its temperature is 25-26°C. Around the lake there are 15 award-winning restaurants, lots of celebrities and non-stop events. The charming surroundings of Maria Wörth lures with mountains and lush greenery. Also the provincial capital Klagenfurt with varied cultural program is only a few kilometers away.

Enjoy the Southern way of life under the sun Carinthia.


Fun at the lake for the whole family:

swimming, bathing, diving, enjoy the sun 
water skiing, pedal boating 
sailing, surfing

The Wörthersee offers fun for everyone.



Golf courses:

Several golf courses are in the immediate vicinity:

Golfclub Dellach
Golfclub Köstenberg
Golfclub Seltenheim
Golfclub Moosburg


Hiking & Biking:

Experience the Wörthersee region of the wheel - enjoy wonderful day-trips per bike. Whether comfortable or sporty, for biker the Wörthersee region is full of surprises and definitely something for everyone.

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bicycle rentals close. (Reifnitz)


Conquer the steepest and highest peaks or hike comfortably at the Wörthersee circular walk along the undulating forests. Here, too, the Wörthersee region for both hikers and for those who seek the challenge of getting the best walking tours.

Experience Carinthia's wonderful hiking areas.

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Whether cultural, musical and sporting events. There is just as much to enjoy at the Wörthersee

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